Monday, June 1, 2009


Starring Juno Sarnet and the Calavera Skate Team. Subject: Juno leads the Calavera skate team through the streets of Phoenix, AZ while riding the city bus.

Filmmaker's Note: Juno has autism and hates the #18. On the other hand, Juno loves the #20 and has Bus Fever. This video was submitted to two short video contests: Arizona Crew Battle and DVS Shoes Shopliftin' Video Contest. The rules for AZ Crew Battle was that videos could not be longer than 5 minutes and had to be shot and edited within 2 weeks.

This short film has been well received by most and has confused many others. Some positive notes were from Cullen Proythress, Brand Manager of DVS Shoes..."Bus Fever #20 has become a "cult classic" at the offices of DVS." Also, a video still of Bus Fever #20 was featured in Transworld Business Magazine.

Skaters featured in "Bus Fever #20" are: Jordan Rommel, Vince McLaughlin, Bridger Pierson, Josue Zepeda, Nick Kasitch, and Daniel Kasitch.

Bus Fever #20 was shot and edited by Tyler Culbertson

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