Thursday, April 2, 2009

3rd Annual Contest Results


Concours De Calavera Results:

Novice Division TOP 10:
1st place: Scott Davis
2nd place: Anthony Hackman
3rd place: Dejon Kries
4th place: Parker Crandall
5th place: Gauge Bowman
6th place: Meritt McCrumb
7th place: Anthony Celeya
8th place: TJ Dutra
9th place: Tony Benvidez
10th place: Jeff Osorio

Intermediate Divison Top 9:

1st place: Alejandro Walton
2nd place: Sean Davis
3rd place: Ryan Cedro
4th place: Conner Norris
5th place: Steven Fox
6th place: Shane Short
7th place: Chris Clark
8th place: Jonah Barnes
9th place: Skyler Russel

Advanced Divison Top 5
1st place: Adrian Hernandez
2nd place: Wyatt Mcintosh
3rd place: Austeesh Danger
4th place: Jordan Rommel
5th place: Bridger Pierson

Thank you to all the skaters who came out and supported our contest!

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